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This project is an investment in your community.

Infrastructure that works is at the core of INDOT's mission and why Indiana was ranked in the top five for infrastructure by CNBC.

We recognize that this area is also experiencing other road work and will work hard to minimize the impact of Reconstructing SR 32.

While Reconstructing SR 32 will result in an improved roadway and is a necessary investment in this infrastructure asset, the work will coincide with other transportation work in Noblesville. INDOT recognizes this and will work collaboratively with all our partners—including the City of Noblesville—to minimize public impact.

Preservation is a key part of the Reconstructing SR 32 project.

As part of Reconstructing SR 32, great care will be given to preserving the beauty of Noblesville, especially the Historic District. This includes preserving the existing trees and sidewalks to the extent possible.

We will proactively and consistently share
information about Reconstructing SR 32.

To keep the public updated on the progress of the project and any traffic impact, INDOT will communicate via a project website, project social media accounts, a newsletter, the media and public meetings.

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